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Creating a new Will

Updating of an existing Will

Administration of your Estate

Make a will now to make it easier for your loved ones

Your Last Will and Testament documents your instructions on how you want your property to be distributed after your death. Every person over 18 years should have a will of their own; without one, an already difficult time for families can become that much more stressful.

The distribution of your property after your death is your decision, but your will must comply with the law for it to be valid.

Help with writing your will

At The Law Connection, we have Lawyers with many years of experience in will preparation. We ensure that your will accurately reflects your wishes while still complying with the relevant laws.

There is a complicated legal framework around things like family protection and rest home subsidies; our staff are well versed in the relevant laws and will do their best to ensure that your wishes will be met with the minimum of complications.

Practical administration of your estate

You can expect practical and responsive guidance when The Law Connection administers your estate.

We are sensitive to the needs of your family while making sure the handling of assets and debts is completed as promptly as possible within the required legal framework.

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