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Buying a business

Selling a business

Retructuring a business


Buying or starting a business can be both daunting and exciting. Whether your business is small or large, we want to help you grow and succeed by minimising your legal risks through informed legal advice.

The Law Connection team can help you with buying or selling your business, or buying, selling or leasing a business premises or restructuring your business.


Getting advice right from the start of the process is crucial, especially when buying a business.

With our experience in understanding business contracts, The Law Connection can assist you in carrying out the correct investigations. 


The Law Connection can assist you throughout the contract formation and negotiation and will complete the required for sale of your business, including assisting with any assignment of your Lease for your business premises, if required. 

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Serious risks for businesses when negotiating property law

Even if you are familiar with New Zealand Property Law, discussing your sale, purchase of land or a business or a lease of any property with a lawyer before you sign any document is crucial. The risks of not seeking advice can have significant consequences. 

The Law Connection staff will provide you with guidance on commercial leases.

Structuring/restructuring your business

If you’re starting your own business or restructuring because your business has outgrown its present structure, The Law Connection can advise you about the various legal entities available to you for owning and running a business.

Whether you set up as a sole trader, a limited liability company, partnership, franchise, or a trading trust, there are advantages and disadvantages to each structure. Our team can provide you with the best advice in plain English.

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