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Property Law | The Law Connection

property law

Whether you need advice on a sale and purchase agreement, changing or refinancing your mortgage or setting up a family trust to protect your asset, our team can help.

Business Law | The Law Connection

business law

The Law Connection team can help you by interpreting the law when structuring or restructuring your business, buying or selling your business, or buying, selling or leasing business premises.

Notary Public Services | The Law Connection

notary public services

Matt is one of the few Notary Publics in Kapiti who can carry out the legal certification proceedings required of notaries. The services offered by a Notary Public are quite specialised, which is why they are not as familiar to the general public as a Justice of the Peace.

Trusts & Asset Protection

Trusts & asset protection

Asset Protection simply means taking steps to ensure that if the unexpected happens, the people you’ve worked hard to provide for (including you) are safeguarded from the sudden downturn in circumstances.

Family Law | The Law Connection

Family law

If your relationship has recently broken down and you and your partner are separating or considering divorce, you may need help to prepare a separation agreement.  

Powers Of Attorney | The Law Connection

powers of attorney

If you ever find yourself in a position where you’re unable to act on your own behalf, a Power of Attorney allows your nominated person to sign your cheques, cancel your insurances and even sell your home for you.

Wills & Estates | The Law Connection

Wills & estates

Your Last Will and Testament documents your instructions on how you want your property to be distributed after your death. Every person over 18 years should have a will of their own; without one, an already difficult time for families can become that much more stressful.